President's Message
President’s Message       
Hello Ladies,
I hope October has held some fun and exciting times for you, and that the rest of the month will prove to be memorable.  It’s a wonderful time of the year to make memories with family and friends as we enjoy the Fall season (and cooler temps)--Not to mention those ASTROS!!!  How exciting to see our great team in the Series!
I wanted to remind everyone that we will be voting on the revision to the bylaws at the November meeting.  The changes were presented at the October meeting, and as required by our bylaws, will be presented again in November and voted on at that time.  The change basically involves moving duties of various Board Members to help equalize the responsibilities.
Our VP in charge of Programs has lined up a great group to entertain us at the next meeting, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on November 19th.
Linda Thomas
LHLC President
Updated 10/27/19