President's Message
President’s Message       
Hello Ladies! 
It’s with a heavy heart but a smile on my face as I resign from my position as President of the Ladies Club.  Every single one of you is special, and I’m going to miss each of you in a special way.  I love going to the meetings and seeing all those welcoming, friendly faces and getting those warm hugs from so many of you.  The words of praise when things are good, the encouragement when it’s not 100% perfect!  This is what the Ladies Club is all about.  It’s a fine, fine group of ladies.  And I’ve made some very good, close friends through the Club and I cannot tell you how much those friendships mean to me.  I will carry them with me as I move back to Oklahoma (to my roots)..AKA my “clan”.. a term that one of Steve’s relatives uses when referring to my family!  
I know the Ladies Club is in good hands, and I wish all the best for the organization in the years to come. Debbi Coberly will be stepping up to assume the position of President until the end of this year’s term, which is in May. 
Thank you so much for allowing me to be your President, and I know you will support Debbi as you have supported me.  Farewell, my friends! 
Hugs to all.                  
Linda Thomas
Updated 2/2/20