Upcoming Events
It’s Honky Tonk Time!
Tuesday, November 19th
A duo, from The Honky Tonk Revivalists, will entertain The Lake Houston Ladies Club this month. The Honky Tonk Revivalists is a local band from Kingwood and they are great.  One reviewer stated, “If George Strait had a cover band, this would be it.” So, plan on joining us to get your blood pumping and enjoy some country western music.
The Holiday Spirit
Tuesday, December 17th
The Statesmen Chorus will perform a holiday music show for us in the barbershop harmony style. The chorus is a dedicated group of gentlemen who practice diligently to sing an amazing a cappella repertoire. Please join us to hear this delightful group and to get into the holiday spirit.
Ring in the New Year with new organzing skills
Tuesday, January 21st
Is getting organized one of your New Year resolutions? If so, come to hear Ellen Delap, CPO, help you make time and space for the things you value in life.
Getting Ready for Spring Gardening
Tuesday, February 18th
A representative (master gardener) from Mercer Arboretum will speak. Hopefully, the topic will be, Plant This and Not That.
A Blast from the Past
Tuesday, March 17th
Shake, Rattle and Roll will perform
Spring Fashions
Tuesday, April 21st
A representative from, Chico’s, will arrive with a rack of the latest spring/summer fashions.
To Be Announced
Tuesday, May 19th
Still planning. Check back soon.