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We were hoping that by Mid-July there would be better news on this front, but as we are all aware, that is not the case. The Board and I hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and virus free as this pandemic continues to rage on. If you or another member you know has been affected by the virus, or you need assistance, please remember your friends here at LHLC are here for you and would be more than happy to assist. Please let us know.
As a result of the current status, reality says there will not be a face-to-face luncheon in September. We will truly miss this first meeting which has always been our time to catch up with other members and hear what’s been going on since we last met. To try to make up for that loss, we will be sending out an email to all members encouraging you  to participate in a private group on Facebook to share pictures and experiences of what has been going on, either in your family or your special interest groups. Instructions on how to join this group will be included in the forthcoming email so please watch for it!
While our By-Laws state that membership expires on August 31st and must be renewed in September, the Board voted to extend the 2019-20 membership until we are able to participate in group activities once more. At that time will send out renewal notices and you can choose to renew your current membership. New members may join at any time by contacting our Membership Director, Betty Perry at Betty.Perry@gmail.com or calling 832-633-2991.
We want to thank members who participated in the survey sent out a few weeks past. Here is a recap of the results of all surveys returned:
Question #1: If we limit attendees and follow Covid-19 CDC rules will you consider attending the September 15th luncheon?
·       55% said YES while 45% said NO
(Note: We have since decided no September Luncheon)
Question #2: Do you think we should wait until January to have a luncheon meeting?
·       55% said YES while 45% said NO
Question #3: Do you think we should wait until a vaccine is available to have a luncheon meeting?
·       26% said YES while 74% said NO
Your Board will continue to monitor conditions and CDC recommendations and weigh that data with consideration for the heath and safety of our member population. We LOVE our LHLC friends and our primary purpose is to keep you safe and yet get back to some sort of normal as soon as we can safely do that. We all miss the contact and camaraderie we enjoy when we gather either in our special interest groups or at luncheon meetings and promise we will resume as soon as that is possible.
We are looking at new, safer ways for you to pay for luncheons, events, trips and membership and you will hear from as us soon as we have a proven method of doing that electronically. 
LHLC enjoys the flexibility and broad scope of 19 different “Special Interest Groups” which we know are key to our organization. We recently queried the group leaders to see what they are thinking for their groups. We found that several have put the group on hold until the passing of the pandemic; others are looking to start back up as soon as they are safe or can have a safe place to meet outside their homes; some have informally broken up into smaller groups of no more that four members to meet occasionally as a means to get out of the house and do what they love in a lower risk environment. We know of others who have reached out to use an on-line platform to play cards and even mah johngg!
Walden has graciously offered the continued use of the clubhouse for our special interest groups as long as we are willing to follow the guidelines posted by the club in line with CDC recommendations. This currently means face masks while in the club, maintain social distancing and no outside food or drink. Should your group choose to pursue this opportunity, we ask that you carefully consider ways to reduce the risk of cross contamination through the use of hand sanitizers and cleansing game pieces, spacing people and limiting the size of groups meeting at the same time and place. At the time of this publication, COVID-19 numbers are seriously out of control, so you may consider holding off until the spread is back under some control before scheduling small group gatherings but we want you to know that we have wonderful support from Walden on Lake Houston to help us through this pandemic.
Note: We ask that you notify us should you know of any member who passes away or is ill or needs a card of encouragement. You can send that information to me, Joan Dantzler, President, jdantz44@gmail.com, and I will share.
On behalf of the Board
Joan Dantzler

Looking to become a new Member
Posted on Sep 27th, 2019
Do not attempt to register here online.  If you are looking for more information and would like to attend one of our luncheon please click on this link to send an email or call Betty at 832-633-2991

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