President's Message
President’s Message

Hello ladies,

I hope you’ve had a great summer with lots of fun times with family and friends.  And I also hope you’re ready (more than ready….eager) for the Lake Houston Ladies Club to start back up with our monthly membership luncheon meetings.  I think you will be pleased with the programs and activities we have planned for you.

We have a great Board of Directors (BOD) this year--some are remaining on the board from last year, one is returning after being away from the board a few years.  In addition, we have five brand new BOD members, and we are very excited about that!   And, boy, have we been working hard this summer to make plans for the year.

One item we will present at the September meeting is a proposed change to our By-Laws.  What can you think of that would be more exciting??? The Board would like to propose that instead of having an election every year, we change our By-Laws to state that we vote every other year and that Board members hold their position for two years instead of one.  Of course, any one of the positions could be filled by appointment should a member find it necessary to step down before the end of the two-year term.  We will have copies of the proposal available for members at the September and October meetings, with voting taking place at the October meeting.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the September meeting.   Use the website to make your reservation and check out the new option available for making a choice in your menu!!!  And while at the meeting, be sure to seek out ladies who may be visiting or may be new members.  Welcome them and make an effort to get acquainted with several ladies you’ve not known before.  This is what makes LHLC special!  See you on the 18th!

Linda Thomas, LHLC President

Updated 9/2/18